Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Horror :o

It just occurred to me that, if I were forced to cut back my expenses by the same amount America's federal government will soon be compelled to cut, I would have to reduce my weekly expenses by $18.00 (!) ...Like, how could I continue to survive? That's almost $2.60 a day! That would mean no coffee at Starbucks! For the government, the same percentage reduction (in their case, actually, a reduction in the planned rate of growth) will mean planes crashing, possible undefended invasion and terror attacks, no schools, no medical service. I've got an idea, how about just remove the free coffee dispensed daily to our mega-state minions in their offices? Then the state's suffering would be on par with mine if I had to reduce my spending by a horrid 2.5%.

Our president and America's Democratic party...so funny.


The Film Industry Knows What Real Art Is..

Apparently Zero Dark 30's "torture" scenes were too much for the squeamish and gentle souls of Hollywood. Does this mean I won't have to hear about the genius of movies like Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill any more? Oh yeah... Don't forget, Fahrenheit 9/11 was "the greatest documentary ever made."

Thursday, February 14, 2013


The State of the Collective Delusion

I can't really add anything to what a million and one pundits have been saying about the state of the union address other than...'What a completely incompetent, clueless idiot!

Definitely, after five years of economic surrealism, the best way to resurrect a multi-trillion dollar economy is - wait for it - "investment in education and green energy" and "asking the wealthiest among us to pay their fair share."

'No way around it (and, excuse my lack of professionalism), marxists are assholes.

Oh yes, don't forget your "obligations" to the "community."

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Awesome Speech

Apologies again for a rather dormant blog. I'm not sure when or even if I'll return to regular blog postings. The reason is nothing more dramatic than just being currently snowed under by life's trivial errands. I think daily of things I want to say (write) but it's either that or the chore at hand. Mundane responsibilities have thus far won the struggle.

I did see the following link (I think it was on Drudge) which really impressed me. The guy giving this speech is one cool dude and his statements and style clearly contrast with the stale contrivances of the current president

The content and delivery of this speech is absolutely superb (including some rather folksy funny jokes). The whole thing is a bit long (about twenty-something minutes) but any part of it will lure you on to want to hear more. Oh yeah, that second man to the speaker's right is none other than our "commander and chief." As a bonus, in addition to a downright profound speech, we get to observe the body language and obvious discomfort of a charlatan being schooled by a man of substance on common sense appraisals of the events and perspectives of our times. 'Absolutely priceless.

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